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Main Hall

Constraint Layout 2.0

Thomas Kioko

Software craftmanship-Becoming a better android developer

Seth Kigen

To Inject or not inject - Dependency injection in a Kotlin world

Danny Preussler

Xamarin for Android: A Primer

Ernest Ndung'u

Retrofiti:A Pragmatic Approach to using Retrofit in Android

Roger Taracha

Designing & Building a real Android app with Material Tools & Components

Nick Rout

GraphQL on Android

Emmanuel Mutua

Jetpack: An Overview

Eston Karumbi

Continous Intergration on Android

Stephen Ebichondo

Lunch Break


Android Things

Marvin Collins
Harun Wangereka

Async Operations with Kotlin Coroutines

Mayowa Adegeye

Android Room

Valentine Rutto

Bulding Trust in An Android World

Somet Kipchilat

Blockchain on Andoid

Peter Okwara

React Native for Android

Kitavi Joseph

So You Can Develop ANDROID Apps What Next?

droidconKE bash