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Level: #Intermediate


Category: Flutter | Format: Lightning talk

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Muthoni

Flutter for accessible & user-friendly finance in Africa

Session Description:

In this talk, we will explore how Yellow Card, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa, is using Flutter to empower financial inclusion and provide economic growth and development opportunities to over 400 million financially excluded adults in Africa. We will cover our journey from a simple webview app to building beautiful Android and iOS apps with over 1 million downloads. We will also dive into how we leverage serverless computing and other data driven tools to enhance user experience and scale effortlessly to meet demand. Join us as we share our experiences and insights into building a successful mobile app for financial inclusion in Africa. Key Takeaways: * In this session, we will explore the pivotal role of Serverless architecture in conjunction with the Firebase platform, in order to establish a robust and uninterrupted user experience. Our discussion will entail a detailed analysis of the utilization of Firebase Remote Config to dynamically render UI elements based on a range of diverse factors. Additionally, we will also delve into our swift and hassle-free integration of AWS serveless to effortlessly support various African countries with just a few clicks. Join us to discover the key insights and benefits of this innovative approach towards building scalable and user-friendly applications. * Discover how we leverage advanced technologies such as Real-time Transaction Fraud Detection to protect users against fraudulent activities. Additionally, we employ Machine Learning and AI algorithms to ensure seamless and robust identity verification in real-time. * Learn about the challenges facing the financially excluded in Africa and how Yellow Card is bridging the gap with Yellow Pay. * How Yellow Card has lowered the barrier to Crypto Adoption in Africa with Crypto powered financial products

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