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Level: #Intermediate


Category: Android | Format: Session

4:00 pm - 4:40 pm Mekatilili

How To Build Insecure Android Apps (feat. Sanitizers)

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Android Security is often underestimated, with most assuming it's just a playground for hackers and Cyber Security wizards. What if I told you that the villains of Android Security are much simpler than a bunch of lines of code on a Linux terminal? This talk seeks to show the audience how the common and underrated practices in Android App Development impact Security. It will also teach the audience how they could be mitigated, with one of them being through Testing (That's where Sanitizers come in). It is based on a recent study by Google (The Android Team) that showed how more than 60% of bugs found in the Google Play Store are caused by Memory Safety. After this whirlwind journey, my audience should walk away with a newfound appreciation for Android Security. It will be a testament to how the craftiest villains often hide in plain sight, thanks to seemingly ordinary practices...

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