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3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Muthoni

Manual testing is not dead yet!

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Manual testing is not dead yet! Automated testing tools and frameworks have become popular in recent times ,dominating the conversation in software quality assurance. It seems easy to assume that manual testing is obsolete .However, this is not the case, this session intends to enlighten developers on the indispensable role manual testing has in delivering high quality bug free applications to users .It will also highlight how manual and automated testing can work hand in hand to enhance the quality of software products. Some key aspects to go through in the session: 1. The Human Element: Humans are interesting in how we use an app, even different from how the developer envisioned it. Manual testing brings a unique human perspective to the quality assurance process, allowing testers to identify minute issues that automated tools often miss. 2. Exploratory Testing: Learn how manual testing excels in exploratory testing, where testers actively explore the application without any guidelines, adapt their approach on-the-fly, and identify issues that were not part of scripted test cases. 3. Edge Cases and Unforeseen Scenarios: Manual testing excels in testing edge cases, boundary conditions, and scenarios that are hard to automate. We will discuss strategies for efficiently handling such cases. 4. Combining Manual and Automated Testing: We will discuss how manual and automated testing can be seamlessly integrated to create a well-rounded testing strategy that leverages the strengths of both approaches. 5. Usability and User Experience Testing: Discover how manual testing plays an important role in evaluating the user-friendliness and overall user experience of software products, ensuring they meet customers' expectations. By the end of this session, attendees will gain a newfound appreciation for manual testing and a deeper understanding of its relevance in software development. Whether you are a software tester, QA professional, developer, or manager, this session will provide valuable insights into how manual testing can elevate the quality of your software products in an automated world. Target Audience: This session is suitable for software testers, quality assurance professionals, developers, and anyone involved in the software development process interested in optimizing their testing strategy.

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